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Innovative provider of low-cost sustainable energy solutions

Innovative Solutions Provider

The environmental transition of energy and commerce requires innovative solutions that are both sustainable and profitable. Optima helps our clients and partners identify, develop and commercialize new process technologies and solutions with lower costs and environmental impact. Optima is driving change today by providing global experience in engineering, investment banking, and economic cost modelling.

Known Partners

Optima’s team has a proven project development record with known industry partners in engineering, shipping, energy and investment banking.

Our most recent News and Presentations

Skid Mounted Modular Process Systems

  • Organic matter:
    • Wood and manure for green diesel
    • Hemp for cannabinoid (CBD)
  • Improved and lower carbon footprint treatment of fossil fuels
    • Conversion of waxy crude to flowing crude
    • Basic sediment and water (BS&W) from fracking water
    • Used motor oil to low sulfur diesel
    • Crude oil to low sulfur marine fuel

Heavy Oil Upgrading

Low-cost lower carbon footprint heavy oil upgrading. Benefits to industry include:.

  • Unlocking stranded heavy oil
  • Providing feedstocks for the petrochemical industry
  • Cleaner feedstocks for transport fuels emissions reduction
  • Help low Nelson index refiners by providing feedstock they can handle

Low-cost contaminant removing modular upgrader

  • Treats bitumen, waxy crudes, residuals, waste oils, waxy crudes, unconventional crudes


Low-cost desulfurization and demetalization which reduce emissions in transport fuels.

Benefits include:

  • reduce emissions in transport fuels.
  • Aiding low Nelson index refiners survive by allowing them to clean crude products cost effectively
  • Low pressure and heat desulfurization technologies for ship- based desulfurization at required locations for IMO compliant 2020 LSFO.
  • Land-based desulfurization

Two technology partners for 2021-2022 launch.

Leveraging team’s ship-based experience for mobile solution cheaper than land-based retrofit.

Our Team

Optima’s team is an experienced group of engineers, energy professionals and investment bankers led by Tyson Halsey, Robert Gibbs and Len Cozzolino. Gibbs and Cozzolino bring a unique ability to identify and evaluate opportunities in the refining space based on their deep knowledge of international oil and refining, shipping and technology providers.

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