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March 2020

Energy Industry at a Crossroads


The energy industry is at a crossroads. The world and global energy markets must address the massive environmental challenge of pollution and global warming. Optima Process Systems, Inc., which offers innovative low-cost solutions to reduce the environmental impact of transport fuels, is helping to develop practical technologies and solutions to address this challenge. Fossil [...]

Energy Industry at a Crossroads2020-03-13T15:10:50+00:00

August 2019

Business Development Updates and Technology Overview


Optima Process Systems, Inc. is focused on helping the oil industry deliver cleaner energy by leveraging existing low-cost technologies. This letter will provide a business development update and technology overview.  FluidOil’s VHTL heavy oil upgrading technology has massive commercial potential. IMO 2020 will drive Optima’s ship-based desulfurization solutions. During the past 12 months, Optima [...]

Business Development Updates and Technology Overview2019-08-07T10:59:33+00:00

July 2019

Technology Milestone and IMO 2020 Update


Optima Announces Technology Milestone and Provides IMO 2020 Update IMO 2020 will hurt the shipping industry but not crash the stock market. Optima signs MOU with FluidOil, Ltd to secure heavy oil upgrading technology. Optima identifies new desulfurization technologies to address IMO 2020. IMO 2020 in Perspective: IMO 2020, [...]

Technology Milestone and IMO 2020 Update2019-07-11T10:39:10+00:00

The Really Inconvenient Truth


The upcoming IMO 2020 rule will give sophisticated refiners a license to print money. Global fossil fuel refining is a $2.5 trillion industry. Despite the success of alternative fuels and green technologies, it is estimated that fossil fuel refining will grow by 50% by 2050. Cumulatively, this is [...]

The Really Inconvenient Truth2019-07-11T10:36:59+00:00

September 2018

The Next Big Thing: Eco-Compliant Refinery Solutions


If nothing changes, we could see $200/bl oil and a global economic crisis on the order of 2008. As the world works to stop climate change, new powerful global environmental regulations are forcing oil refiners to produce fuels with lower emissions. To comply with these new regulations, oil [...]

The Next Big Thing: Eco-Compliant Refinery Solutions2018-09-25T16:05:16+00:00