Introducing Optima BioPharma LLC

Hemp Processing Specialists

Optima BioPharma provides supply chain services to the growing legalized hemp industry.

Optima uses proven and advanced technologies to process hemp biomass and hemp crude oil.

Services for hemp farmers (post processing of biomass)

  • Extraction services using GMP facilities.
  • Winterizing and decarboxylation of raw hemp crude oil.
  • Distillation and chromatography supplying 99.8% isolate or THC-free distillate.
  • Retail production with our ‘white label’ partners in product formulations: a) tinctures, b) gummies, c) gel caps, d) body lotions
  • Potency test services for heavy metal and pesticides
  • Business consulting services: process optimization, quality control and profit maximization.


Optima will process hemp crude oil and hemp biomass and produce high quality CBD products. The company will employ good manufacturing practices, ISO 9001 and state of the art testing to provide pharmaceutical quality product for its customers.

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